Course Content:

Day 1 (Part 1)- An Overview of Atlas
This will cover Profiles and Focus, Dashboards and Notifications, Client Support File, Adding to the Clients Support File, Adding to the Location file, Handover, Reports available

Day 1 (Part 2)- Completing and Managing Incidents with Atlas
This will cover Creating and Logging an Incident, Approving and Managing an Incident

Day 2 – Support Plans and Risk Assessments in Atlas
This will cover How to run a client ‘Meeting’, Adding goals, risks and actions, Reviewing goals, risks and actions, Completing assessments within Atlas

Delegates will be required to bring their own laptops/chromebooks to use during the training. There should be a minimum of one chromebook to two people.

Other courses helpful for preparation:
IT Skills
Incident training
Support Planning training
Risk Assessment training

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Who Should Apply?

Day 1 All Staff working in lifehouses and other non HSU services as requested.
Day 2 Any member of staff who complete support plans and risk assessments and all members of the management team who support these staff

When applying for a lifesize event, please remember to give your preferred venue.

Venue & Dates

Lifesize Events will be held at Devon and Cornwall DHQ, Glasgow Service Centre, Leeds Service Centre, North London DHQ, Severn and Somerset DHQ, South & Mid Wales DHQ, Southern DHQ, Warrington Service Centre, West Midlands DHQ unless indicated otherwise
26-27 February 2020 – not Warrington SC, North London DHQ or West Midlands DHQ
25-26 March 2020 – extra venue at Belfast – not Devon and Cornwall DHQ, North London DHQ, WEst Midlands DHQ or Severn and Somerset DHQ
27-28 May 2020
16-17 June 2020 – Held at William Booth College only
29-30 July 2020 – Not Devon and Cornwall DHQ
23-24 September 2020
25-26 November 2020 – not West Midlands DHQ or North London DHQ

Day 1 Part 1:9.30am – 12.30pm; Part 2:1pm – 4pm
Day 2 9.30am – 12.30pm

Full details will be given on receipt of applications.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, delegates should be able to:
• Understand the functionality contained within Atlas
• Navigate their way around the system
• Be able to access a number of reports and dashboard items
• Understand and complete the Incident management process within Atlas
• Add to a client and location support file
• Complete Support Plans, Risk Assessments and other Assessments within Atlas

Learning Hours:

3 hrs per section
9hrs in total