Course Content:

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) promotes change through focussing on strengths, possibilities and successes. Rather than focussing on problems, AI shifts thinking and practice to doing more of what is already working.
This course provides a practical introduction to AI, which is relevant to congregational, residential and business contexts.
Course approach will consist of a combination working in pairs, small group work and plenary sessions. There will be an emphasis on practical application.

The content of this course includes

  • Background and context to AI and strength-based, whole-system approaches
  • The theory and principles of AI
  • Practical application examples of AI within communities teams and organisations
  • Design and creation of the appreciative conversation, including active listening skills, and giving ‘appreciative feedback’
  • Introduction to the 5D cycle (definition, discovery, dream, design and destiny/delivery)
  • SOAR (strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results) – the strength based version of SWOT
  • Understanding and creating provocative propositions and strategic intentions
  • Introduction to ‘reframing’ and how to use it in responding to challenges
  • Simple and practical AI project development

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Who Should Apply?

Anyone involved in people development

Venue & Dates

William Booth College
29-30 September 2020

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the taste of AI workshop participants will:

  • Have a practical understanding of the AI approach, principles and tools
  • Be able to begin to apply the AI approach in practical work situations
  • Begun their journey to becoming an AI practitioner


Ann Howlett-Foster
Tim Slack


Appreciative Inquiry registered trainers

Learning Hours:

16 hours

Places Available: