Course Content:

A look at mental health issues in a faith-based context, this course gives opportunity to reflect on current and future pastoral ministry in the light of up-to-date understanding of different mental health issues affecting young people such as self-harm, eating disorders, substance related disorders, Autism and Aspersers syndrome etc. The course aims to offer skills to improve pastoral care and understanding but does not aim to make you a counsellor.

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Who Should Apply?

Open to corps officers/workers and THQ/DHQ officers. It is not a requirement that delegates have attended the ‘Foundation in Mental Health’ course, but for those who have, it will be taking the whole subject to a deeper level.

Venue & Dates

The Ammerdown Conference and Retreat Centre
3-6 April 2017

Learning Outcomes:

• To improve understanding of a range of mental health issues diagnosed in young people in the specific context of a faith-based setting.
• To develop personal reflection skills on the practical issues of pastoring young people with mental health issues
• To consider and develop an appropriate faith-based pastoral response.
• To gain insight from the participation of people who live and worship with mental health issues
• To be able to identify and link persons to appropriate resources.


Jennie McCombe
Guest speakers: Selfharm UK and other visiting specialist speakers

Learning Hours:

18 hours