Course Content:

These stand alone courses allow delegates to build a bespoke learning path for coaching and mentoring. Delivered on a variety of dates and in a variety of locations, these day courses allow delegates involved in delivering and/or supporting mission to build a bespoke programme that can be tailored to the individual’s context.

This programme allows you achieve skills in coaching and mentoring, through three successive levels
Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Coaching and/or Mentoring Models
Coaching and Mentoring for Christian Discipleship or Coaching for Management

Entry to each course is dependent on successfully completing the previous level. Exemption can be offered if the delegate can meet the pre-requisites as detailed in the course outline below.

Those interested in using coaching and mentoring in a management context may choose to attend Coaching and Mentoring Skills, Coaching Models and Mentoring Models and then attend Delegating, coaching and training. Alternatively, people managers may choose to attend the Delegating , coaching and training course as a standalone event.

Routes and entry points are outlined in the downloadable pathway.

If you would like to attend more than one course or follow a whole pathway, you are able to use one application. Please be explicit about which dates you wish to attend.

Download Application Form

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Who Should Apply?

Anyone who has responsibility for coaching and mentoring in their appointment and/or role description.

Venue & Dates

All dates will run to 9.45am – 3.30pm

Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Plans are in progress for another presentation of this course next year. If you are interested in attending, please email to be added to the information list.

Coaching Models
William Booth College: 26 March 2018
Faith Mission, Edinburgh: 29 March 2018

Mentoring Models
William Booth College, London: 5 March 2018
Faith Mission, Edinburgh: 27 March 2018

Coaching and Mentoring for Christian Discipleship
William Booth College, London: 2 May 2018

Coaching and Mentoring for Management Delegating, coaching and training
William Booth College, London: 19 June 2017

Learning Outcomes:

See each the site for each course for more information.


Coaching and Mentoring Skills: Kevin Avis
Coaching Models: Martin Wheeler
Mentoring Models: Kevin Elliott
Coaching and Mentoring for Christian Discipleship: Jane Alton
Coaching and Mentoring for Management: Guy Poland