Course Content:

This course begins with an introductory look at a coaching model. Secondly to learn the principles of training for new skills showing how to check the learner is understanding and then how to build on this learning. The coaching and training models are then used to underpin how to delegate effectively.

The course shows how to use an eight-step procedure in planning to delegate, to evaluate the barriers to delegating and to manage the delegation process. Delegating principles have many transferable skills and can also be used for negotiating when receiving tasks from others.

By the end of the course it should now be clear how delegating can be used by managers as a development tool

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Who Should Apply?

Anyone with management or leadership responsibilities

Venue & Dates

Future dates will be available soon

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, delegates should be able to
• Follow a eight-step procedure in planning a training session
• Understand chunking information for training purposes (SRF)
• Have an introductory knowledge of a coaching model
• Overcome barriers to delegating
• Follow an eight-step procedure in planning and carrying out delegating
• Use the delegating model for other negotiating situations

Learning Hours:

6 hours