Course Content:

The following are the areas that will be covered during the two-day programme.

1. Focus – Self-Awareness and Self-Talk
Successful leaders are driven by a mindset and belief system that is very different from average or mediocre leaders. What is your focus on?
2. Focus – Behaviour
Our behaviour influences the behaviour of ourselves and others – it’s one of our greatest sources of power as a leader, especially if we want to engage and inspire. Successful leadership is about recognising that our thinking and feeling drives our behaviour.
3. Focus – Strengths
People want to be led by confident leaders. If you don’t know what your strengths are, then…?
4. Focus – Social Awareness and Relationship Management
If your people feel valued and recognised for their contributions, they’ll want to go that extra mile for you. Research shows that if leaders within an organisation ignore and do not engage with their staff, there is a 40% chance that staff will be disengaged or hostile at work. How successful and effective are your communicating styles?
5. Focus – Goals
Planning is an essential requirement for success… yet less than 5% actually formulate identifiable goals.
6. Focus – Reflection
Reflection deepens learning. The act of reflecting causes us to make sense of what we’ve learned, why we learned it, and how that particular growth of learning took place. Moreover, reflection is about linking one increase of learning to the wider perspective of learning – heading towards seeing the bigger picture. We shall encourage you to reflect throughout the course, to ensure that you are building upon your existing strengths, as well as identifying gaps for improved performance.

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Who Should Apply?

Open to all

Venue & Dates

William Booth College

26-27 April 2017

Learning Outcomes:

The participant will learn how to further develop their potential and utilise their power, influence and coaching skills to develop themselves and others. They will be able to change their thinking and actions to avoid unintentional poor performance. By being more solution focused and by understanding emotional intelligence, they will demonstrate effective communication and leadership styles that engage and motivate themselves and others in innovative ways.


Muika Associates

Learning Hours:

13 hours