Course Content:

We live in one of the most racially diverse countries in the world. Communities all around the UK are seeing racial diversity with some places now regarded as ‘hyper diverse’. Within these communities are local churches, including the Salvation Army. Many have seen their congregation grow, with much racial diversity happening as part of this growth. However, the challenge of being a multi-cultural church which seeks to live out a multi-cultural way, is far too often not seen.

This four day course is aimed at leaders, who are leading Corps like the ones described, to help give insight around this crucial area of intercultural mission and includes:

  • The meaning and theology of intercultural mission
  • An understanding of an intercultural church
  • Building an intercultural church (all people and all generations)
  • Building and developing an intercultural leadership team
  • The important role that the intercultural church plays in the community
  • An understanding of the history of immigration and how this has impacted the values of equality and diversity

Pre-course reading
Ethnicity, the inclusive church resource – Michael Jagessar
Crossing the Divide – Owen Hylton
Exclusion and Embrace – Miroslav Volf

Other courses helpful for preparation:
Intercultural Mission Conference

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Who Should Apply?

Officers, Pioneer leaders, Territorial Envoys who are journeying in racially diverse areas.
People who have recently moved to a racially diverse area, including inner-city and urban.
DME’s and divisional leaders, especially those who are predominately in hyper diverse areas.

Venue & Dates

William Booth College
6-9 January 2020

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, delegates should be able to:

  • Understand a theology of intercultural mission and its importance in the world
  • Understand key attributes to building an intercultural church for all people and generations
  • Understand key attributes to building an intercultural leadership team
  • Understand the history of immigration and how this has impacted the values of equality and diversity


Captain Jonny Smith
Jennifer Laurent-Smart
Naar Mfundisi Holloway
Major Brenda Sterling
Israel Olofanjana

Learning Hours:

21 hours

Places Available: