Course Content:

Godly Play is a creative and imaginative approach to Christian nurture that has its roots in the thinking and work of Maria Montessori. Developed by Jerome Berryman over the past 30 years and originally for children, the approach is based on tried, tested and long established methods. Jerome Berryman has described it more as spiritual direction rather than religious education.

We will work in a model Godly Play environment, with the opportunity to see a comprehensive set of resources. You will be given the opportunity to present a story.

Workshops will include:

  • Setting up A Godly Play environment
  • The Spirituality of a Child
  • Particular Questions and Concerns.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone involved in ministry

Applications should be sent to Andrea Harrison

Venue & Dates

St Mark’s College, Audley End
5-7 June 2018
4-6 December 2018

Learning Outcomes:

To become proficient storytellers of parables, sacred stories and lessons about Christian traditions and worship, including Salvation Army practices

To understand more about the process, underlying values and spiritual emphasis of Godly Play

To become sensitive about what meaningful Christian education can, and perhaps should entail


Andrea Harrison

Learning Hours: