Course Content:

This course helps to identify the pressures we face from a holistic perspective, looking at practical challenges of modern living, the bodies response to stress, and the internal expectations we place on ourselves. Working from a predominantly psychological perspective, we will consider strategies for increasing, reducing pressure, and building resilience for life and ministry.

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Who Should Apply?

Anyone involved in spiritual leadership

Venue & Dates

Kings Park, Northampton
17-20 April 2018

Learning Outcomes:

To develop skills and understanding when addressing stress and challenges so that the participant can fulfil their goals and passions.


Ron Bushyager (BSW, MSc.) is a Psychotherapist with a background in social work. He was previously employed by the Salvation Army in America working with children in care. Ron now works in private practice and offers training in leadership and emotional health to Christian organisations.
Major Lindy Rose BA (Hons), Pastoral Care with Psychology and MA, Pastoral Theology, was commissioned in 1994 and served for 14 years as a corps officer. She was appointed to the staff of William Booth College in 2008. Married in 1989 she and her husband Mark have three children. Lindy is the Corps Officer at Hendon. As a busy officer, wife and mother, Lindy says “I believe that relationships are the heartbeat of ministry, not just with each other, but most importantly with Christ. So how’s your daily rhythm?”


Kevin Elliott

Learning Hours:

24 hours

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