Course Content:

Following Covey’s effective and proven programmes in helping manage todays work systems, this course covers processes that have shown to measurably increase the ability of individuals to complete projects successfully, by implementing disciplined processes and mastering informal authority.

Participants learn how to:
• Build effective frameworks for projects
• Identify key stakeholders
• Create a risk management strategy
• Create a project schedule
• Develop skills to monitor and control

Utilising the All Access Pass with Covey, purchased by SISTAD, this course offers a practical means to develop more effective project management to completion, using process and people techniques.

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Who Should Apply?

All those seeking to improve their means of presenting ideas, concepts, agendas, and projects.

Venue & Dates

William Booth College
18-19 September 2019
6-7 May 2020

Day One: 9.00 – 16.00
Day Two: 9.00 – 16.00

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, delegates should be more able to:
• Understand that consistent project success depends on processes and people.
• Implement Four Foundational Behaviours that inspire team members to execute with excellence.
• Identify a project’s stakeholders.
• Establish clear and measurable project outcomes.
• Create a well-defined project scope statement.
• Identify, assess, and manage project risks.
• Create a realistic and well-defined project schedule.
• Hold team members accountable to project plans.
• Conduct consistent team-accountability sessions.
Monitor & Control
• Create a clear communication plan around the project that includes regular project status reports and project changes.
• Reward and recognize the contributions of project team members.
• Formally close projects by documenting lessons learned


John McCombe
Geoff Chape

Learning Hours:

12 hours

Places Available:

May 2020:13