Course Content:

Do you feel the need to look at the issues that surround the subject of bereavement? Would you like to be better equipped to support those you serve? This course will help to sharpen the abilities and gifts you already have as well as develop new skills and resources to enhance this vitally important aspect of ministry. As pastoral caregivers we share with members of our corps, centres and communities significant life-changing experiences, perhaps none as challenging as when people journey through bereavement. What a privilege and responsibility we have to come alongside people at their time of need!

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Who Should Apply?

This course is open to all those who have a pastoral role with the bereaved. The course assumes some previous practical experience and offers a foundation level course that deals with a range of topics concerning bereavement in diverse circumstances. This course aims to equip you to give pastoral care with more understanding but is not designed to make you a bereavement counsellor.

Please note that attendance is not recommended within 12 months of a significant personal bereavement.

A commitment to attend the entire programme is vital to ensure the full benefit of the course.

Venue & Dates

Missenden Abbey
12-15 March 2018

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, delegates should be able to:

  • To identify some issues surrounding bereavement and loss
  • To recognise specific differences between traumatic and expected death
  • To develop a knowledge base of bereavement issues using recent research and practice in the field
  • To know where to access secular and faith-based resources for the pastor of the bereaved and the bereaved themselves
  • To identify stages of the journey with the bereaved


Jennie McCombe and visiting specialist speakers

Learning Hours:

22 hours