Course Content:

This course forms Module 1 of the safeguarding programme

Safe Church gives delegates the opportunity to take time to consider and reflect how good safeguarding practice should be integral to all areas of ministry with children. This two day course covers
Module 1a and 1b:
Course content:
• Safeguarding in The Salvation Army – an overview
• Grooming
• Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
• Radicalisation
• Digital Media and Online Safety
• Transgender Safeguarding
• Safeguarding in Practice
• Faith and Forgiveness
• The Consequences of Whistleblowing
• Learning the Lessons
• Abuse within a Christian context

Delegates should be aware that the subject of sexual abuse is discussed in considerable detail and a survivor of sexual abuse within a Christian context tells their story. A member of the wellbeing unit is available for the duration of the course.

Module 2 (One day) – Understanding Domestic Abuse

NB: Module 1, 1b and 2 are a package but additional delegates can attend module 2 (eg if 18 delegates attend day 1 and 2 of module 1, an additional 7 delegates can apply to attend day 3, module 2 only)

  • Understanding Domestic Abuse
  • Understanding Domestic Abuse – why do victims stay?
  • Domestic Abuse and the Church
  • Responding to victims and perpetrators
  • The local context

Module 3: (One Day) – Understanding Sexual Offending Behaviour

  • Sexual Offending: An overview
  • Cognitive distortions
  • Grooming
  • Finkelhor’s four pre-conditions model
  • Internet Sexual Offenders
  • Managing Sexual Offenders
  • Effective Risk Management:
  • Sex Offender Treatment and Self-Management;
  • Sexual Offences Prevention Orders
  • Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements [MAPPA]
  • Statutory Supervision

Module 4: (One Day) – Understanding Risk Assessment Management Plans

  • Why RAMPs?
  • Understanding Risk
  • Risk Assessment Management Plans
  • The RAMP Family; RAMP Examples
  • Practical Exercise
  • Common RAMP Problems
  • Common Offender Responses

Other courses helpful for preparation
• Child Safeguarding Level 1 (Safe & Sound for Everyone – S&S 1) (required)
• Child Safeguarding Level 2 (Safe & Sound for Leaders – S&S 2)
• Adult Safeguarding Level 1 (required)
• Adult Safeguarding Level 2
• iLearn Safeguarding

Other courses helpful for development
•Safeguarding courses offered by the Local Authority

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Who Should Apply?

Corps leaders, Divisional leaders, Divisional staff, Regional Specialists, Corps children’s and youth workers

N.B.These modules are based around corps settings and are not directly aimed at HSU or OPS.

When booking this course, it is required that you attend the Domestic Abuse Information and Awareness course as well. Please ensure both forms are sent in.

Venue & Dates

Module 1a and 1b: 05 – 06 October 2021 Online
Module 2: 07 October 2021 Online
Module 3: 02 November 2021 Online
Module 4: 03 November 2021 Online

Other dates available see OurHub Safeguarding

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, delegates should be able to:
• Explain child safeguarding issues and practice within a church and ministry context
• Understand the necessity of having a knowledge of safeguarding issues and practice within the church and ministry context


Safeguarding Department, Barry Osborne, Jennifer Laurent-Smart

Learning Hours:

15 hours

Places Available: