Course Content:

This course forms Module 4 of the safeguarding programme

This training course will seek to take participants on a learning journey from basic information about sexual offending, on to knowledge of a model to assist in understanding sexual offending, then finally to a knowledge of the current sex offender management structures.
The course training material will be delivered using a number of different methods to appeal to different learning styles:

  • Small group work using flip chart to note answers to specific questions
  • Finkelhor’s 4 Chairs whole group exercise, with one volunteer key participant
  • Paired working
  • Whole group discussion
  • Case study with quiz to check learning
  • Teaching from PowerPoint presentation
  • Discussion
  • Anonymised case examples

Please note: The 25 July 2019 is aimed at Homelessness Services Unit, Older People Services, Employment Plus and Anti-Human Trafficking, so will contain little corps focus. The training will focus on Blemished Disclosures which applies to volunteers and staff, so this day would also be useful for people who recruit and manage staff and volunteers

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Who Should Apply?

Salvation Army officers, staff, support workers and management who require a basic working knowledge of legislation, practice, research and management of sex offenders

When booking this course, it is recommended that you also attend Risk Assessment and Management Planning.

Venue & Dates

William Booth College
20 November 2019
2 April 2020
14 May 2020

A one-day course: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Learning Outcomes:

  • To increase knowledge and understanding of sexual offending and sex offenders
  • To improve practice in working with sex offenders
  • To develop understanding of the statutory systems used to manage sex offenders

Learning Hours:

6 hours

Places Available:

Nov 2019:7
Apr 2020:18
May 2020:20