Course Content:

This course forms Module 4 of the safeguarding programme

This training course will seek to take participants on a learning journey from basic information about sexual offending, on to knowledge of a model to assist in understanding sexual offending, then finally to a knowledge of the current sex offender management structures.
The course training material will be delivered using a number of different methods to appeal to different learning styles:

  • Small group work using flip chart to note answers to specific questions
  • Finkelhor’s 4 Chairs whole group exercise, with one volunteer key participant
  • Paired working
  • Whole group discussion
  • Case study with quiz to check learning
  • Teaching from PowerPoint presentation
  • Discussion
  • Anonymised case examples

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Who Should Apply?

Salvation Army officers, staff, support workers and management who require a basic working knowledge of legislation, practice, research and management of sex offenders

When booking this course, it is recommended that you also attend Risk Assessment and Management Planning.

Venue & Dates

New dates coming soon

A one-day course: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Other dates available see OurHub Safeguarding

Learning Outcomes:

  • To increase knowledge and understanding of sexual offending and sex offenders
  • To improve practice in working with sex offenders
  • To develop understanding of the statutory systems used to manage sex offenders

Learning Hours:

6 hours

Places Available: