Course Content:

The mission and work of The Salvation Army fundamentally places its officers, employees and officers in direct contact with people from different cultures and religions. This course aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to be able to work with people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions from your own. This course provides a basic overview of the major cultural and religious groups within the United Kingdom and encourages attendees to place the skills learnt within their own context. It will deepen your understanding of spirituality and what it means to be a person within the specifically Christian context of The Salvation Army.

Course Content:

  • Key Legislation and discussion around discrimination
  • What is discrimination?
  • Personhood and Empathy
  • Values, Spirituality and religion
  • Practical Work for own context

Who Should Apply?

Open to all officers and employees who wish to improve their relationship with people from different backgrounds,cultures and religions

Venue & Dates

This course is currently provided regionally as required.

Please contact your Learning and Development Officer for details.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, delegates will

Gain understanding of different cultures
Know the policy and legislation surrounding diversity
Reflect on the nature of spirituality
Be able to work with people from other cultures and religions


Stephen Curtis and Chris Button

Learning Hours:

7 hours