Course Content:

The Vocational Development Pathway Workshop forms an important part of the Officer Development Review process and is designed to enable you to reflect on your fullest potential as an officer; helping you explore wider issues relating to your ongoing development and vocational fulfilment.

The workshop provides a framework to:

  • Increase your awareness of how others see you.
  • Develop self-awareness and reflective skills.
  • Identify, review and develop areas of personal strength.
  • Identify key issues, forming a basis for creating an individual self-development future action plan.
  • Enable you to stand back and examine current factors which affect your circumstances.
  • Provide a working document that will form an important foundation of the Officer Development Review process over the next five years.

Pre-Course Work
Completion of the PARIO 360 degree analysis questionnaire, also identifying other delegates persons for provision of feedback.

Your completed profile and Action Plan will be forwarded to your Divisional Leader or Service Head following your VDP Workshop and provides a basis for the discussions of your 5 yearly review and subsequent Annual updates.

This workshop seeks to help you understand and enhance your self-awareness and reflective skills, with the feedback input of those you work and live with, and those who benefit from your ministry. This course benefits most from the constructive input of numerous individuals, chosen by the delegate, to highlight aspects of their working and ministry, utilizing the PARIO 360 Questionnaire, designed to correspond to the 8 core competencies of officership. The workshop delegates have opportunity for a coaching conversation, with experienced coaches, to help in the reflective process, before developing an individual action plan for the future

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Who Should Apply?

All active officers and Territorial envoys in UKT

Venue & Dates

Elim Conference Centre 30 January-1 February 2018

Rydall Hall 24-26 April 2018

High Leigh 22-24 May 2018

Gean House 5-7 June 2018

Highgate House 3-5 July 2018

Sunbury Court 25-27 September 2018

Elim Conference Centre 23-25 October 2018

Rydal Hall 13-15 November 2018

Hinsley Hall 29-31 January 2019

High Leigh Conference Centre 19-21 February 2019

Gean House 14-16 May 2019

Highgate House 11-13 June 2019

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, delegates should be able to:

  • Show good reflective consideration of received feedback, highlighting areas for effective development.
  • Set out an individually tailored action plan for the next 5 years.


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